Samantha Armytage Reveals How She Lost 10kgs

The 42-year-old is the new WW ambassador and credits the program with not only helping her reach a weight loss goal, but prioritise her health too. Something that’s been on the back burner due to her early morning shifts. 

BY WH STAFF | AUG 27, 2020

Samantha Armytage Reveals How She Lost 10kgs

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage says she never set out to lose weight.

But after adopting a healthier lifestyle as part of her new role as a WW ambassador, she’s lost an incredible 10kg — and feels “absolutely fantastic”.

“At the beginning of 2019, I wasn’t feeling my best – I was often tired and developing unhealthy habits as a result. When I really took stock of my life, it dawned on me that my demanding schedule wasn’t just a passing phase and I needed to make a change to prioritise my health,” Sam said. “Losing a few kilos was important, but joining WW was also about feeling stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally.”

The journo says she’s tried plenty of other methods in an attempt to kick unhealthy habits but this is the first once that’s really stuck. 

“The downfall has always been that they’re too restrictive or require that I eat meals I don’t enjoy. In a job like mine where you’re constantly on the road, those approaches just aren’t realistic and can’t be maintained,” she explained.

Sam says her amazing results are down to a regime that’s heavy on exercise, and easy on diet (including wine, chocolate and bread). 

“I have said it before and I will say it again: I don’t want to be skinny, I have boobs, I have a bum, I have curves,” she told Women’s Weekly.

“I like being a woman with a womanly figure. I don’t want to be skinny-skinny.”

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Exercise and diet

As well as embracing WW’s well-known “SmartPoints” based plan — where each food is assigned a set number of points based on its nutritional value — Armytage has been hitting the gym twice a week and walking her labrador every day.

I go (to the gym) for boxing. I don’t know what I ever did without it,” she revealed, explaining she also does weight training too.

“The beauty of it is you can still eat everything — I can still have a glass of wine, I can still eat a piece of cake; you just eat it in moderation, so if you have a piece of cake in the morning maybe you don’t have a slice of bread at lunch time and I think that’s been really good for me to understand.”

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