Inside Savannah Guthrie’s Weight Loss Journey: Everything She Has Said About Diet and Fitness

Today anchor Savannah Guthrie enjoys trying out new exercises to incorporate into her fitness routine. The mom of two has been very open about her workout regimen and diet in the past while speaking out about her health journey on the NBC program.

Savannah has been a member of the Today team since 2011. She gained millions of fans worldwide due to her coverage of major news events. Longtime viewers of the program were elated when the blonde beauty announced she was expecting her first child at age 42 with husband Michael Feldman in March 2014. Their daughter, Vale, was born in August 2014.

Two years after the arrival of her little girl, Savannah gave birth to her son, Charlie, at age 44. Savannah shared her bliss over becoming a parent later in life in an April 2019 interview with People.

“I always wanted to be a mom, and it took us so long to get married — we dated for so long — that we thought maybe it was too late and we’d lost our chance,” she explained. “When we found out we were pregnant, I don’t think there were two happier people on this planet.”

In between her two pregnancies, Savannah offered viewers advice on how to lose baby weight during a January 2015 episode of Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen.

“Oh my gosh, don’t drink as much. That’s what I had to do!” she said. “Really, honestly, and actually I still have five pounds to lose, too, just to get [back] to what I weighed before.”

While Savannah is very into fitness, she has also been very candid about body acceptance.

“It’s a lifelong struggle for me. I’ve never once felt good about how I looked on the outside,” the former White House correspondent told Health in April 2019. “I think all of us women spend so much time not feeling like we measure up. And what a waste of energy. I’m not there yet, but that’s my goal.”

For Savannah, it was important that her daughter grew up with the mentality to embrace who she is and not feel pressure to look a certain way.

“I just don’t want to pass that on to her,” the broadcaster said. “It holds us back from joy. We should be happy and proud of our bodies.”

Keep scrolling to see everything Savannah has said about her fitness routine and weight loss. 

On Her Diet

Savannah shared some relatable insight about her diet during a June 2017 interview with Marie Claire.

“I’m not anti-carbs. I just try to do my carbs early in the day, so by the end of the day, I try to be carb-free,” she said. “And then on Friday and Saturday nights, I eat and drink anything I want. I don’t think you can do this job or parenthood without caffeine, a little wine and dessert.”

On Doing Aerobics

The Princesses Wear Pants author also shared one of her favorite workouts. She particularly enjoys doing aerobics in New York City where she lives with her family.

“I do a class in New York called Bari. It’s a hybrid of old-school Jane Fonda-type aerobics — because, in the ’90s, I was an aerobics instructor — cardio bouncing on a trampoline and strength training, and I do that about three times a week,” she said.

On Her Workout Buddy

Savannah previously told Health that her Today costar Jenna Bush Hager became one of her workout buddies.

“That’s fun because then it feels like you had fun with your friend and you exercised,” she said. “That’s a good combo platter. Especially if we can follow it up with cocktails.”

On Trying the Keto Diet

In September 2018 the Australia-born star revealed that she was giving the keto diet a try, having high-fat and low-carb meals each day. Though she changed her meal plan a bit, Savannah admitted that she didn’t see results right away.

“It’s not even doing anything,” she said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “I haven’t lost anything! I haven’t lost a thing. But you know, I’ve eaten a lot of bacon and I’ve liked it.”

On Exercising at Work

In July 2021, Savannah traveled to Tokyo to cover the Olympics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal analyst had to remain in quarantine for two weeks and was unable to leave her hotel for more than 15 minutes each day. She and her fellow Today costars started a walking club to get their blood flowing.  

Natalie Morales is power walking us through,” Savannah told Today at the time. “We went on a little walk, [and] all you do is run into people you know. It’s NBC everywhere.”

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